[prog] Programming for QA folks

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sun Jun 17 15:50:36 UTC 2007

Jacinta Richardson writes:
> Miriam English wrote:
> > Perl can be extremely difficult to read later. This becomes very 
> I suspect you're complaining about bad programmers here, rather than a bad 
> language. [ ... ] A good programmer can write 
> beautiful, maintainable and well readable code in almost any language

Jacinta's right, of course (and I've used the same argument to
defend C). But don't forget that the problem in this case is to
find a good language for a team of people who would be brand new
to programming. It sounded like they might need to work together
and help maintain each others' code. It isn't a case of an elite
team of programmers who already have good discipline about clear
programming style and code documentation.

The question is whether it's as easy for a team of first-time
programmers, teaching each other on the job, to write clean
maintainable code in Perl as it would be in Python? My hunch
is that the Python code would come out cleaner.

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