[prog] Re : Comments on response to closure: what next?

Olusola Fadero olusola.fadero at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 07:35:03 UTC 2007

> Yes, I AM one of them.
> .... feel that my questions are too dumb and try to find the explanations
> somewhere else.
> I think there are more programming "newbies" that feel the same way that I
> feel.

No question is too dumb. Simple sounding questions are often the most
difficult to answer.

The only programming newbies I've met who are scared of asking "dumb"
questions tend to be female.

On mailing lists and forums even questions about language fundamentals get
answered. Some people are damn rude about it but others give you a nice
explanation with a program example.

I am not a programmer ar (probably) most of the people on this list are.
> But I *do* program some of the codes that I need in my field (solar
> physics), or just adjust some other codes that I got from our collaborators
> which... can be very difficult (as you need to understand someone else's
> mind).

Lots of the people I know who program are *not* programmers.

In fact the majority of the people I work/have worked with don't have
qualifications in computer science or technology. They include
engineers, physicists,
mathematicians, chemists and geologists who have learnt to program during
their degrees for other projects. They end up working in technology simply
because that's where they were offered a job or because they realised they
would get better paid.  (I'm currently sitting near two electrical
engineers. )


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