[prog] Popup in PHP or Javascript

Julie Bovee Hill joulie at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 03:13:46 EST 2006

On 4/10/06, tiera at bredband.net wrote:
> Yes, I've actually thought about this. So I'm thinking about changing
> the behaviour totally. The thing is that depending on a filled in
> value in the form, the popup is needed or not. So perhaps it's
> possible to do something like this:
> 1. User fills out form
> 2. User clicks submit
> 3. Some javascript activated by the onclick-method checks to see if
> the popup needs to be opened or not (this must be possible, right?).
> 4. If the popup isn't necessary the form is post:ed to the same php
> script again.
> 5. If the popup is necessary the popup is opened and the form is
> post:ed there. And then I do all the necessary calculations in the
> popup instead.

Yes, I think that should work. For the onClick, you'd need a
Javascript function that checks if the popup is needed and then sets
the form.target value before invoking form.submit(). If you decide not
to submit, then just return false from the function. I don't recall if
target is a readonly property or not, so you should double-check that.


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