[prog] Popup in PHP or Javascript

Tiera tiera at bredband.net
Mon Apr 10 06:14:11 EST 2006

> I'm not sure I understand what the actual chain of events that you
> wish to occur are. Could you take a look at this list below and point
> out where/if I'm misunderstanding?
> 1. user fills out form
> 2. user clicks a button to POST data
> 3. php script does some calculations and returns result

Ok so far.

> 4. result data is sent of to another php script for more calculation
> 5. new pop-up window opens with result of second calculation

The second php script should open in the pop-up. So step 4 and 5 should be:

4. result data is sent of to another php script that is opened in a
pop-up window and displays the result there.

> Questions:
> What should happen with the existing (parent) window, i.e. is it
> acceptable if that page reloads or must it remain static?

It would be nice if it didn't reload, but if there absolutely is no
other way I think reloading would work also.

> Are you specifically trying to avoid Javascript?

No. Javascript is fine also. I'm just not any good at Javascript.


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