[prog] Popup in PHP or Javascript

Julie Bovee Hill joulie at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 03:23:14 EST 2006

Hi Tiera,

On 4/8/06, Tiera wrote:
> Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I need an actual extra browser
> window to open. I don't want to use the same window.
> /Tiera

I'm not sure I understand what the actual chain of events that you
wish to occur are. Could you take a look at this list below and point
out where/if I'm misunderstanding?

1. user fills out form
2. user clicks a button to POST data
3. php script does some calculations and returns result
4. result data is sent of to another php script for more calculation
5. new pop-up window opens with result of second calculation

What should happen with the existing (parent) window, i.e. is it
acceptable if that page reloads or must it remain static?
Are you specifically trying to avoid Javascript?


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