[Jobposts] Fwd: Frontend Developer at Worker-Owned Collective

Naomi I. Morduch Toubman naomi at littleweaverweb.com
Thu Jan 26 16:12:30 UTC 2017

*Little Weaver Web Collective* is looking for a new member-track frontend
developer who is interested in a cooperatively-minded, fully-remote
workplace with a relaxed company environment. We are based in the US, and
do hire people outside the US, but require that you be available to work in
the range of 12-5 Eastern Time if in another time zone.


   - Thorough knowledge of JavaScript: You know how to create complex
   experiences as well as having a thorough grasp of programming concepts in
   general. You enjoy readable, tested, peer reviewed, and linted code.
   - Experience with front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, Backbone,
   or Ember
   - Experience with tools and package managers on the command line such as
   git and npm (in a *nix environment)
   - Proficiency with devtools in a modern browser
   - Thorough knowledge of modern HTML and CSS
   - The ability to collaborate well on projects and communicate
   effectively with others
   - The ability to follow style guides both for code and design

We’d expect these skills to take about three years to acquire, but we care
more about where you are than how long it took you to get there.

*Preferred Experience*

Any of these would be a bonus, but we’ll be happy to support you in picking
them up as projects allow and require.

   - Research-based web design focused on the needs of users
   - Launching projects utilizing React, Django, and/or Node.js
   - State management and front-end patterns such as redux, ReactiveX, or
   the Elm architecture
   - Modern JavaScript build tools and module loaders (e.g., webpack) and
   writing with features from modern ECMAScript specifications (ie., ES6,
   interest in ES7)
   - Advanced JavaScript: Promise API, functional concepts in JavaScript
   (map, filter, reduce, bind, higher-order functions, and immutability), and
   a strong understanding of JS scope and value vs. reference

*Working with Little Weaver*

Little Weaver is a worker-owned collective dedicated to
socially-responsible design and website development and passionate about
the development of a better internet built on open-source technologies.
Where possible, we use our work to further our social justice and
anti-oppression goals.

We all work remotely, meet over video chat several times a week, and are in
communication throughout the day via Slack. As a member of the collective,
you would have the ability to set your own work hours. Most of us work
25-35 hours a week. Members of our team can be found in Washington DC,
Seattle, San Francisco, Vermont, Connecticut, and Ontario. With no office
or central location, making sure that everyone feels included is important
to us, and we get everyone together in person about twice a year.

All members and prospective members make the same rate: $30/hr. We decide
collectively to raise this rate as the company grows, and have increased it
from $20/hr in the past year. We provide and fully subsidize platinum
health insurance (includes trans-related coverage, and we’re committed to
working on any shortcomings), and we provide 26 days of paid time off per
year, with no mandatory holidays. After a three-month prospective
membership, you may be invited to be a member of the collective, with equal
ownership and equal say in our decision-making.

Every member of our team has a voice in our decisions, including how we
work. Tools we use include React, Redux, Sass, Webpack, Babel, Django,
PostgreSQL, CircleCI, Ansible, SaltStack.

If you’re interested in working with us, send an email to
jobs at littleweaverweb.com with “Frontend Developer Application” in the
subject line. Please include:

   - Your resume
   - Why this would be a good fit
   - Where you are located
   - Any relevant work (e.g., code samples, design portfolio, descriptions
   of roles in past projects)

This job is also posted on our website at https://littleweaverweb.

Thank you,

Naomi I. Morduch Toubman
Little Weaver Web Collective

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