[Jobposts] Chromium and Multimedia job positions at Igalia

Javier Moran jmoran at igalia.com
Tue Jan 17 12:11:53 UTC 2017

       In Igalia, the organization I belong to, we have two job
positions open:
         - Chromium developer:

         - Multimedia developer:

         Although most of the information is included in the above
links I would like to complement them with some information:
          - Igalia is an organization where working in remote is
posible and is natural. Therefore, if you join our company it is not
needed to move to another place.
          - My name is Javier Morán, and I am the HR responsible at
          - Igalia headquarters are based in Spain, but Igalia is an
international company with employees in North America, South America,
Europe and Asia.
          - We would be happy to receive your application and to do it
you have to fill the web form included in the bottom of the web page
with the job announcement include before.

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