[Jobposts] Greenpeace International (Australia) - Hiring System Administrator (Linux & WordPress)

Mark Reynolds mark.reynolds at greenpeace.org
Thu Nov 3 04:34:09 UTC 2016

1. Which country are you in?  Position will be based in Australia.
2. Will you take international applicants? Not for this position. But...
3. Do folks need pre-existing work visas for your country? Yes.
4. Is a relocation allowance part of the salary package? No.
5. Can we telecommute? Yes!

1. the position title [in the Subject line please]; System and Network 
Engineer (aka System Administrator Linux)
2. the name of the company at which the position is open; Greenpeace 
3. the geographical location of the position; Australia.
4. the name of the recruiting company if any; none.
5. the name of the person posting the ad; and  Mark Reynolds
6. the requirements applicants must address in their application.
         a. Please supply a cover letter
         b. Please address responsibilities with previous examples
         c. Please address how you meet skills and qualifications


We are looking for a suitably qualified and enthusiastic candidate to be a
part of our Global Technical Applications team.

The position would be based in Australia, perhaps out of our Sydney office,
reporting to Global IT Unit in Amsterdam. We operate a 'follow the sun'
support model, so we have a team of 5 people already based all across
APAC, and we need 6! Similar numbers already in EMEA, and the Americas
as well.

We offer a very family friendly work environment, with remote working
the norm, rather than the exception. Juggle your life to fit in a 35 
hour work
week for Greenpeace, and everyone is happy.

We are particularly looking for someone with great linux skills, and also
experience with WordPress setup, security & scaling for high reliability
to service the website needs of about 30 Greenpeace offices around the 

We already have a diverse group of people working within Greenpeace 
and Global IT specifically. Still, if you are reading this post, then 
chances are, we
want you, if you have the skills, and are available and interested!

Other specific skillsets which would be good to have include Varnish, php,
Google Cloud Platform, SQL, and did I mention WordPress before?
Oh, yes I did :-) Linux is a given of course....

This position is currently 'pre-advertising' stage.
We would be aiming for a start date of 03 January. (TBN)

When this job is advertised in the coming weeks, it will appear here:

The position is grade Grade 5 under the Greenpeace Australia Pacific 
agreement. Which works out at AU$90,905.95 plus Superannuation at 9.5% (TBC)

Not sure if this role is for you but want to talk about it? Please, 
skype me, with key
word 'linuxchix' in the invite message :-)

Expressions of interest should be sent urgently to :

Mark Reynolds
mark.reynolds at greenpeace.org
skype: mark.reynolds2
mobile: 04 1111 2180

Official Job Description

Organisation:         Greenpeace International
Department:         Information Technology Unit
Team:            Technical Application Management / Infrastructure
Job Title:         System and Network Engineer
Reports to:         Team leader technical application management / 
Grade:            15
Version:         1.0

Purpose of the job

To provide high value and reliable and sustainable shared IT services to 
the global organization in order to enable our staff to carry out their 
day to day work and win campaigns.
Main responsibilities

     Maintenance and support in order to provide highly secure and 
reliable services
     Monitoring and trend analysis in order to guarantee availability, 
capacity and security.
     Provide backup and disaster recovery in order to provide continuity.
     Change management so that changes will not (unexpectedly) interrupt 
     Develop, implement and enforce procedures and standards so the 
team’s work is predictable and sustainable.
     Develop and implement new systems in order to provide the 
organization new services it needs.
     Research and advise about possible improvements and the application 
of new technologies in order to enhance the value of IT for the 
organization or improve the IT unit’s services.
     Technical contact to external system and network providers in order 
to provide operational continuity and get information on new usable 
     Documentation of systems and procedures in order to preserve 
knowledge and provide predictable and sustainable services.

Skills required / qualifications

     B.Sc. or University degree relevant to Systems and Network 
engineering (e.g. Computer Science, Electronics) and/or comparable work 
     Hands-on experience with systems and network administration on 
large scale systems.
     Excellent knowledge of VMware, LAN and WAN Networking, Windows, 
Linux, SAN, Databases, firewalling, application delivery systems, Cisco 
IOS, DNS, QoS, LDAP and email.
     Proven track record in working in a project-based environment
     Ability to create or identify technology trends for consideration 
by the organization.
     Experience of working in an international environment with a 
culturally diverse user community.
     Fluent in English, both verbal and written and preferably one other 


------- __@      "Mark Reynolds" <Mark.Reynolds at greenpeace.org>
----- _`\<,_                       Global IT Operations Manager
---- (*)/ (*)------------__@           Greenpeace International
----------------------- _`\<,_          Mobile: +61 4 1111 2180
----------------------(*)/ (*)            Skype: mark.reynolds2

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