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Georgia Young georgia at fsf.org
Tue Jun 16 20:01:10 UTC 2015

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*Our current outreach and communication coordinator has moved into a
new position at the FSF, so we are looking for another person to fill
the role.*

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), a Boston, Massachusetts, USA-based
501(c)(3) charity with a world wide mission to protect freedoms
critical to the computer-using public, seeks a motivated and organized
tech-friendly Boston-based individual to be its full-time outreach and
communication coordinator.

This position, reporting to the executive director, works closely with
our campaigns, licensing, and technical staff, as well as our board of
directors, to edit, publish, and promote high-quality, effective
materials both digital and printed.

These materials are a critical part of advancing the FSF's work to
support the GNU Project, free software adoption, free media formats,
and freedom on the Internet; and to oppose DRM, software patents, and
proprietary software.

Some of the position's more important responsibilities include:

    stewarding the online publication and editing process for all
outreach staff; including copyediting, formatting, posting, and
maintaining material on our Web sites; and sending out e-mail messages
to our lists;

    producing and improving our monthly e-mail newsletter the Free
Software Supporter;

    improving the effectiveness of our audio and video materials use;

    editing and building our biannual printed Bulletin;

    promoting our work and the work of others in the area of computing
freedom on social networking sites;

    helping to produce fundraising materials and assisting with our
fundraising drives;

    cultivating the community around the LibrePlanet wiki and network,
including the annual conference;

    working with and encouraging volunteers; and

    being an approachable, humble, and friendly representative of the
FSF to our worldwide community of existing supporters and the broader
public, both in person and online.

A successful candidate will have strong editing skills, especially in
the area of copyediting, and will take pride in working with a team to
create consistently polished and effective materials.

While this is a job for a person who is passionate about technology
and its social impact, it is not primarily a technical position. The
main technical requirement is a willingness to learn to use many new
and possibly unfamiliar pieces of software, with a positive attitude.
That being said, experience with CiviCRM and GNU/Linux will be
considered a big plus, and experience with any of the following
technologies should be mentioned: Plone, Drupal, Ikiwiki, Subversion,
Git, CVS, Ssh, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Emacs, LaTeX, Inkscape, GIMP,
Markdown, or MediaWiki.

Because the FSF works globally and seeks to have our materials
distributed in as many languages as possible, multilingual candidates
will be noticed. English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Malagasy,
and a smattering of Japanese are represented among current FSF staff.

With our small staff of twelve, each person makes a clear
contribution. We work hard, but offer a humane and fun work environment.
Benefits and salary

The job must be worked on-site at the FSF's office in downtown Boston.
There is no relocation allowance, and telecommuting is restricted to
the allowances laid out in the union contract (currently, staff may
telecommute one day per week).

This is a union position. The salary is fixed at $51,646.40 and is
non-negotiable. Other benefits include:

    full family health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield's HMO
Blue program,
    subsidized dental plan,
    four weeks of paid vacation annually,
    seventeen paid holidays annually,
    public transit commuting cost reimbursement,
    403(b) program through TIAA-CREF,
    yearly cost-of-living pay increases, and
    potential for an annual performance bonus.

Application instructions

Applications must be submitted via email to hiring at fsf.org. The email
must contain the subject line, "Outreach and Communications
Coordinator". A complete application should include:

    cover letter,
    writing sample (1000 words or less),
    links to published work online, and
    three or more edits you would suggest to this job posting.

All materials must be in a free format (such as plain text, PDF, or
OpenDocument, and not Microsoft Word). Email submissions that do not
follow these instructions will probably be overlooked. No phone calls,

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position
is filled. To ensure consideration, apply before 10:00am EST on
Wednesday, July 1st.

The FSF is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate
against any employee or application for employment on the basis of
race, color, marital status, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation,
national origin, handicap, or any other legally protected status
recognized by federal, state or local law. We value diversity in our

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