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Ron D trueabilityjobs at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 17:51:50 UTC 2015

Title: Linux Engineer/Automator
Location: Seattle, WA, USA.

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Are you an experienced Linux administrator / developer looking for an
opportunity to work for a global enterprise where Linux is a first class
citizen in the data center and on the desktop? Do you have deep knowledge
of Unix/Linux, shell scripting, and core Internet services such as Email
and web services? Are you ready to team with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint
and Lync engineers and lead our efforts to make Amazon systems as
automated, reliable and cost-effective as they can be?

We are re-deploying all of our core collaboration services this year,
pushing the boundaries of cloud deployment practices, and already starting
to think about what we’ll do next. We’re supported by three tiers of
support, with 24-hour global coverage, plus peer teams providing network,
security, monitoring and operating system engineering leadership. If you’d
like to contribute to this effort, we’d like to hear from you.

The Corporate Systems team’s mission is to make Amazonian’s more productive
by delivering inventive, high-performance, stable IT solutions. We use the
best ideas we can find, whether they’re from Microsoft, the open source
community, or you. Whether you choose to automate existing solutions or
create new ones, you will participate in building one of the largest, most
efficient productivity platform on the planet. A standard part of our
orientation is meeting with a patent attorney because we expect you to have
great ideas, potentially worth patenting.

You will be responsible for selecting, implementing, monitoring and
documenting the critical systems on which all 100,000+ Amazonians around
the globe depend. This includes capacity planning, project coordination and
providing on-call escalation support.

• Several years of relevant work experience in a 24/7, online environment.
• The ability to script/automate tasks with Perl, Python, shell, or other
scripting language
• 2+ years of system administration and engineering of Linux-based systems,
including deploy and maintain global infrastructure services
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field, or 5+ years
relevant work experience.
• Degree in computer science, computer engineering or related technical
• Experience administering Windows-based servers and services, including
Active Directory.
• E-mail administration experience
• Deeper skills in programming/automation, whether that be more complex
scripts or experience with other languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, PHP,
• Strong leadership skills and a successful track record of driving issues
to resolution.
• Clear, professional communication skills able to contribute to team
discussions, knowing when to contribute, when to listen, and when to ask

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this position, your results will be submitted to Amazon.

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Ron D

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