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Ron D trueabilityjobs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 16:17:55 UTC 2015

Title: Linux Systems Engineer
Location: Chicago, IL, USA.

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We are looking for a systems administrator and cloud engineer to join
our teamon a full-time basis to help support our ever-growing cloud
infrastructure of Linux based systems. Someone with drive and a
passion for technology, puzzles and learning would be ideal for this
role. You will have a great opportunity to work with people who have a
different kind of vision for business technology and professional
services. As the systems administrator, you will work directly with
executive leadership and play a definitive role in the design and
development of our core cloud offering. You’ll also work closely with
server-side developers to implement their code and work with teams
building out high frequency trading infrastructures and large
autoscaling environments.

Position Requirements

• Day-to-day management of cloud based Ubuntu and CentOS servers
• Develop and maintain configuration management and automation using
tools like Ansible and Puppet
• Day-to-day support of our Amazon AWS infrastructure. This
includesconfiguring CloudWatch, IAM, EBS, etc
• Development and management of our Nagios monitoring infrastructure
• Develop scripts for management and automation of cloud basedresources via APIs
• Provide operational support to teams of developers
• Tracks and updates incidents, as required.
• Documents defects, with theappropriate details and supplemental information.
• Conducts research to confirm defects, identify root cause and validatefixes.
• Works closely with developers and QA team on code deployments

Knowledge and ExperienceRequired
• Excellent understanding of Ubuntu and CentOS operating systems
• Experience configuring and managing large Nagios monitoring system
• Experience using package managers such as dpkg, apt-get, yum
• Experience building auto configuration scripts for Debian and
Redhatbased systems
• Strong scripting capability using bash
• Experience working on a large scale infrastructure environments
• Provide accurate timing on work estimates
• Passionate about automation, repeatability and efficient design
• Intermediate understanding of either Ruby or Python programing
• Basic understanding of Git source control
• Familiarity with either Puppet or Ansible
• Basic understanding of Amazon AWS, Rackspace and GoogleCompute
Engine offerings
• Basic understanding of continuous integration systems such as
Jenkins or Bamboo or Travis
• Ability to compile and build software from source using tools like
makeand gcc.
• Excellent understanding of DHCP, DNS, NFS, and NIS

• Understanding of basic TCP/IP principles such as ports, subnets, routing, etc
• Basic understanding of Cisco IOS
• Familiarity with non Linux based operating systems such as
Solaris,Irix, AIX, True64 and Windows
• Experience working in the finance industry
• Familiarity with SQL and NOSQL databases

Personal Attributes
• Open to new ideas and capable of reframing problems in different ways
• Passionate about learning, software and technology
• Independent and self motivated
• Attentive to detail
• Reflective, thoughtful and capable of integrating information
• Honest and ethical in all endeavors
• Analytical approach to problem solving
• Client and end user orientation

Work Conditions
• 40 hours a week in Evanston office
• Possibility to work from home some days
• Participate in conference calls
• Ability to travel to client locations (primarily in Chicago area) as needed
• Possible long days and late night work during emergencies and launches

With Regards,
Ron D

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