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Mon Feb 2 17:52:17 UTC 2015

*Title: *DevOps Engineer
*Location:* New York, NY, USA.

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As a Web Engineer at The RealReal you'll be a major contributor to
TheRealReal's e-commerce front end, backend systems, and APIs. You'll build
APIs to support our mobile applications and admin tools, and work on
underlying model layer that powers those APIs. The person in this role will
own critical systems throughout the platform and be responsible for their
performance, adding new, valuable features, and ensuring that these systems
perform correctly.

*Responsibilities: *
• Develop new features throughout the TheRealReal platform, and maintain
and enhance existing behavior.
• Help define and implement the system's APIs, to support our suite of
mobile applications.
• Take ownership of key components, ensuring that they meet the needs of
the business
• Collaborate with senior management, product management, and other
engineers in the development of product requirements for the company's
• Mentor other team members to build the company's overall expertise in
software development.
• Work to make TheRealReal an innovator in the space by bringing passion
and new ideas to work every day.
• Reports to: VP of Engineering

*Skills & Qualifications:*
• A degree in computer science/engineering with a minimum of 5 years of
software development with Object-oriented languages and 1 year of
experience with Ruby on Rails.
• Experience writing applications using Test Driven Development with RSpec.
• Experience building real-world applications, with Rails version 3.0.x or
later or with other technology stacks. Candidate will be trained to be very
familiar with Rails conventions for code organization, deployment, etc.
Experience with more recent Rails features (e.g. asset pipeline) is a plus.
• A belief that automated testing is essential to building robust,
supportable software and a commitment to making automated testing part of
the application development process.
• Familiarity with how asynchronous message queues and worker frameworks
(e.g. Sidekiq, Resque) are used in web applications and, ideally,
experience in using such a framework in one or more real world applications.
• High degree of familiarity with SQL databases, including data modeling in
SQL, the use of indices to improve query performance, and the use of
transactions to maintain data integrity.
• Practical experience with REST and JSON APIs, and an understanding of how
to build applications that serve and consume these sorts of APIs.
• Expertise in working with cloud systems, specifically for application
hosting, file storage, and other related concerns.
• Experience integrating with 3rd party services, including social
applications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), communication services (e.g. Twilio,
Sendgrid, APNS).
• Knowledge of best practices in designing and architecting localized Rails
• Experience with one or more NoSQL databases.
• Comfortable working in an environment where innovation and change are the
• A passion for building great products.

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Ron D

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