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Wed Sep 24 14:52:08 UTC 2014

Worker-Owner Wanted

Position Focus: Customer Support and Business Administration
•	Email and Phone Customer Support for Email Software Setup, Web Sites,
Domain Registration, how the Internet works, Billing and Account questions
•	Participation as a worker-owner in a cooperatively owned business!

In line with our commitment to social justice, we follow the general
principles of affirmative action in our hiring process. Women, people of
color, LGBT/queer folks, and members of other underrepresented communities
are strongly encouraged to apply.


Flexible, US.
Ideally you live in Western Massachusetts or Southern Vermont, but we are
open to candidates in other areas of the country, as most of our work is
remote at this time.

Work from your own home, secure high-speed internet connection required. 
We regularly co-work virtually through video conference.

Start Date: As soon as possible (posted September 2014)

Skills Requirements:
	•	You know how the Internet works
	•	General computer troubleshooting skills on Windows & Mac
	•	Strong Phone and Email Customer Service/Technical Support skills
	•	Good writing skills
	•	Ability to explain complex technical issues, in "plain english"
	•	Some business administration experience and financial literacy
	•	Some unix/linux sysadmin experience

Work Hours & Compensation:

We are currently hiring for a 20 hour/week position. 

	•	You'll be on front-line technical support shifts, virtually co-working,
for 15 hours/week during our regular Business Hours from 7am - 7pm Monday
- Thursday and 7am - 4pm Friday.
	•	You will also flexibly work another 5 hours/week based on your schedule
        •      You are interested in a long term permanent position as
part-time or path to full-time.

Compensation Starts at: $17.00/hour. Provisional worker-owner period is 6
months to 1 year. Full worker-owners also share in profits -- we are a
collective that maintains a 1:1 pay ratio, independent of skill set,
through pay parity tracking over time.

Benefits: Flexible work schedule, Unpaid Vacation and Sick time as needed
(coordinated with co-worker-owners), 2% “Vacation bonus”, Up to 10% paid
time for Skill Building, Training, and engaging with the Cooperative

Non-Business Hours Work: If you are interested working after-hours or
being on call, it is available.

About You
	•	You have experience or interest in cooperative ownership
	•	You are interested in being a long term worker-owner of Gaia Host
	•	Social Justice and Care for Earth are important to you
	•	Self-motivated and able to work independently
	•	Cooperative work ethic, works well in a team
	•	You have interpersonal conflict resolution skills
	•	You have consensus and group decision making experience
	•	You have vision in your life and the will to peacefully manifest it
	•	You have a sense of humor and know there's more to this planet than the

About Us

Gaia Host Collective is a 10 year old worker-owned collective with owners
in Southern Vermont and Western Mass.  We have one worker-owner
temporarily living in Northern California.
We are committed to providing reliable Internet hosting services, while
minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our social benefit.

Gaia Host offers Domain Registration, DNS, Web and Email Hosting, and
Managed Virtual Servers. 
We own and maintain our own servers and our hosting server infrastructure
that we colocate in datacenters in Boston, MA and Austin, TX.

Our Technology Platform:

Core Systems: FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Unix shell
scripting, IMAP/POP3/SMTP

Common web applications used by our customers: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla,
Programming / Database: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby

How To Apply:
E-mail cover letter and resume to workerowner at gaiahost.coop .
Current worker owners may be reached by phone at: 1-(800)
Matthew (x804), Charles (x803), Lauren (x806)
In Cooperation!
Lauren Goldrich, Matthew King, Charles Strader
Gaia Host Collective

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