[Jobposts] Lucrative opportunity for LinuxChix members; Linux Specialist

Riley Clark rileyclark88 at inbox.com
Thu Nov 21 01:02:50 UTC 2013


I’m looking to pay for some tech help, and thought perhaps you might know people either in the LinuxChix group, or otherwise, who might fit my needs. I need someone to help me configure one system initially, and then potentially configure the same system many times on many computers (I’m starting a tech business). I’m prepared to pay a generous fee for this work. Once I’m ready to start doing this in volume, I will likely need four or five tech people full time to do this. Initially, I need someone who can start right away, even if that person is only interested in configuring the initial system and not more later. 

The work involves configuring a relatively complicated software system using Ubuntu OS, with VM’s (VirtualBox). I will provide the detailed instructions to build the system, and the hardware, for each build. I can be flexible with hours and location; in fact, it’s fine with me if people would prefer to do this work from their own home or workplace (the ideal candidate would work from their home/office in the Los Angeles County or Ventura County areas).

Timing is crucial with this, so if you know any people who might fit the above description, I’d appreciate if you could let me know at your earliest convenience (we’re hoping to get started in the next couple of days). I’m best reached at rileyclark88 at inbox.com.

Thanks very much in advance,
Riley Clark

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