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Wed Nov 13 19:13:07 UTC 2013

Forwarding a contract at WMF, I dont't work there but they're aiming for diversity in staff and contributors/editors.

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> From: Quim Gil <qgil at wikimedia.org>
> Date: 13 november 2013 19:22:48 CET
> To: Wikimedia developers <wikitech-l at lists.wikimedia.org>
> Subject: [Wikitech-l] Technical Writer - Contract - 3 Months (+)
> Reply-To: Wikimedia developers <wikitech-l at lists.wikimedia.org>
> The Engineering Community team at the Wikimedia Foundation has opened a
> position for a
> Technical Writer - Contract - 3 Months (+)
> The description is copied below. Technical writers with a contribution
> history at mediawiki.org or other MediaWiki-based sites will be
> especially considered. If you are interested, please apply using this
> web form:
> http://hire.jobvite.com/j/?aj=oMK5Xfwi&s=Community
> Wikimedia's Engineering Community team is responsible for developing
> clear documentation for MediaWiki. All of our documentation is written
> collaboratively in wiki pages, involving all kinds of profiles, from WMF
> professional developers to anonymous users. There are some areas of our
> documentation that lack content or are outdated, while others have grown
> organically and they need pruning and polishing. It is complex to
> recruit volunteers for this type of work.
> Scope of Work
> The technical writer will report to Quim Gil, Technical Contributor
> Coordinator.  The main area of focus will be system architecture
> documentation, though we may identify other related areas during the
> course of the contract. Our main technical documentation exists on
> https://www.mediawiki.org and https://wikitech.wikimedia.org.
> Ideally, this person will start immediately, and should start no later
> than December 1, 2013. The technical writer will attend the MediaWiki
> Architecture Summit on January 23-24 in San Francisco, where s/he will
> be in charge of consolidating the meeting notes taken and polishing the
> related documentation.
> This is the only on-site task planned. The technical writer can be in
> any location during the rest of the contract period as long as it has
> good Internet connectivity. We can offer an on-site location in our
> offices in San Francisco, although this contract does not include any
> relocation or visa support.
> Outcome and Performance Standards
> This work requires familiarity with wiki syntax and collaborative
> workflows. The technical writer will be improving actual pages edit by
> edit, with the possibility to find other edits being published by other
> contributors as well as related discussions where s/he is supposed to
> engage and respond. Quim Gil and other Engineering Community team
> members will monitor regularly the work and will assist with the
> community dialog if needed.
> The technical writer will have a backlog of areas to work on, agreed
> with the EC team. There will be weekly reviews or a similar procedure to
> review and sign off the tasks completed.
> Qualifications:
> 3 years of professional experience writing technical documentation
> Experience volunteering in one or more free software projects as a
> documentation writer is highly valuable. (Please provide links to your
> user profile and main works.)
> Knowledge of PHP / JavaScript  (even better when supported with pet
> projects, open source contributions or certified training)
> -- 
> Quim Gil
> Technical Contributor Coordinator @ Wikimedia Foundation
> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Qgil
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