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Lee, Bryan blee at teksystems.com
Mon May 16 18:10:47 UTC 2011

Hey All Linux Enthusiasts!!!

A leading technology company in Cupertino, CA is looking for a senior Linux Systems Administrator to support their systems. This is a long term contract with no end date. Rate is 45 - 65/hour depending on experience.

Job Description:

* Ongoing support for existing systems. Monitor operations to ensure proper behavior
* Be a point of contact for users issues, provide initial troubleshooting for system and network issues
* Work with the systems administration team to help improve existing architecture, system performance and reliability
* Work with IT networking staff to implement new requirements and troubleshoot as needed
* Design and document system architecture for projects requiring new systems, including configuration of development, test and production systems
* Install and configure web applications, including Apache, PHP and Tomcat
* Ensure systems are properly monitored and backed up
* Maintain our svn repository
* Provide documentation and cross training to the rest of the support team

Top 3 Skills (stack ranked) :

1. 4 plus years in Administration of Unix/ Linux . Solid Linux experience with Mac knowledge may work as well if the person loves Macs and the Apple idea. 2.Storage 4+ years 3. Web Application Server experience (Apache, Tomcat) 4+ year

Work Environment (culture, deadline intensive, flexible hours, dress code) :

People are very creative and work hard and they are smart so a person can learn a lot. There are no slackers that make it here.

Business Challenge Client is Tasked with Solving :

. They need additional support for the servers they have added to support their business, to support the development added to the servers to keep .com running smoothly with no down time, .com is what everyone across the world goes to see their products, what's new, top songs downloaded, top movies downloaded, etc.

Who is the Internal/External Customer? (i.e., end-user or end-client) :

These systems support internal users working to keep apple.com running properly. The end result is that the external customers will be impacted greatly if these systems aren't running.

Technical Environment :

What technology(ies)/system(s) will the consultant be supporting?  RAID LDAP, DNS, Load Balancing MySQL and Filemaker databases Apache with PHP and Tomcat configuration Web Load Balancing Scripting- Shell, Per

Non-technical Skills (i.e., communication, problem solving, etc.): :

That will come with DNS experience and probably NFS as well (NFS is not as important, but DNS is a must). Storage environment (preferably large storage environment- they have storage systems that hold between 24TB and 240TB and there are 7 SANS)- SAN and RAID- the have old XRAIDS and use Thompson Storage. Great Communication is a must-this person has to be willing to think outside of the box, willing to see and learn how this group does things in a 'trial by fire' kind of way and work hard. They are working to bring people in, but there is a lot of work right now and they have to do things certain ways and there can be tight deadlines to get things done, so this person has to understand that going in. Huge Pluses: Final Cut Server experience (made by Apple) , LDAP or Open Directory experience is very useful

EVP (why would someone take this position?) :

Leading edge, market leader. Stock has gone from 92 to 270 in 2 years, during bad times. This specific division is full of creative people with great personalities and large responsibilities to the company. This position could also go very long term for the right candidate. There is a shuttle to take people to different buildings so a lot of people take public transportation from SF for example. Train to shuttle, etc. Huge cafeteria on site. BJ's on main campus

Please reach out to me at blee at TEKsystem.com<mailto:blee at TEKsystem.com> for more information.
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