[Jobposts] New York City: Hiring a Senior Systems Engineer for Junction Networks

Charlotte Oliver cmoliver at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 20:10:33 UTC 2011

Hello 'chix --

My company, Junction Networks, has an opening for a Senior Systems 
Engineer in New York City.  Telecommuting is not an option.  We're a SIP 
provider focused on the hosted PBX market.  SIP experience is a huge 
plus, but not strictly required.

Our website is here: http://www.junctionnetworks.com/

The job description is on Craigslist at 
http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/sad/2286062003.html , but it goes like 

Junction Networks seeks a senior Linux systems engineer for full time 


    * This is a key role in our systems engineering team. You'll be
      responsible for keeping the existing systems available and work
      with us towards scaling our solution as the business continues to
    * You will be responsible for the high availability and total uptime
      of our product operations. This is more than just an OS level
      position, as you will be responsible for maintaining our
      applications, application servers and other back end systems.


    * We are looking for someone to provide innovative solutions to
      scale and build rock-solid infrastructure for reliable product
      operations. Our clients expect us to lead and we work hard to
      deliver a phenomenal end user experience.
    * Performance analysis and tuning will also be a significant
      responsibility in your job - with our large transactional volume,
      every last bit of performance counts. You should be able to step
      back and look at a problem in different light to identify an
      approach that improves performance while not overly complicating
      the solution.


    * You studied computer science (or another tech-heavy
      science/engineering field) in school and can proudly claim that
      you spent more than your share of late nights bathed in the glow
      of compiler output.
    * You have a track record of large implementations of servers and
      distributed systems.
    * You see problems as opportunities and have what it takes to
      effectively communicate, brainstorm and collaborate to work
      through them.


    * You are an expert in Linux system administration.
    * You are an expert in Bash and automation with scripting.
    * You have knowledge and experience in Python, Ruby and Perl.
    * You have diverse experience in monitoring (i.e. nagios, collectd),
      trending (i.e. mrtg, cacti) and configuration deployment
      management (i.e. cfengine, puppet) systems.
    * You have worked closely with development teams while also managing
      production systems.
    * You have experience working with custom developed applications
      (deploy/release/etc) in a SaaS environment.
    * You have expertise in application servers and other backend
      systems (e.g. MySQL, Apache, Cassandra).
    * You have knowledge and/or experience in virtualization (KVM, Xen).
    * Expertise and experience with VoIP is preferred.

Any interested parties, please contact me off-list.


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