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Wed Nov 3 17:18:49 UTC 2010

Linux Kernel Device Driver Engineer #586897 Hillsboro, OR.

Software Engineers conduct or participate in multidisciplinary research and collaborate with design, layout and/or hardware engineers in the design, development, and utilization of productivity enhancement layout tools and design rule checkers, electronic data processing systems software. Determines computer user needs advises hardware designers on machine characteristics that affect software systems such as storage capacity, processing speed, and input/output requirements'' designs and develops compilers and assemblers, utility programs, and operating systems. Responds to customer/client requests or events as they occur. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education, judgment and formal software process.

Part of Intels Open Source Development Center the Core System Development group is looking for kernel device driver developers.   The position is to do platform enablement for tables by creating, review or modify device drivers for a Intel platforms.   This opening is for a Linux kernel Device Driver developer.  OTC is looking for Linux software developers and technical leads that love to write code and develop cutting-edge embedded operating systems and applications.

To be successful, you must have positive interaction with the Linux community to ensure code is developed in an acceptable manner and adopted in upstream community projects as appropriate.  In this role you must demonstrate a high level of initiative, ability to assume ownership of major areas, and establish correct technical direction.  You must demonstrate flexibility to contribute to multiple areas in a nimble organization. In this role the ideal candidate must be good at problem solving, motivated and have the ability to research ambiguous technical challenges.


BS degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering with a minimum of 5 years experience or a MS degree with 3 years of experience.

A minimum background of 4 years recent experience with:
-Linux system design and/or development, Linux kernel development as demonstrated by accepted submissions to the Linux kernel
- Previous experience writing device drivers
-Deep knowledge and hands on code development for Intel Architecture (Core, Pentium, Atom or other x86) kernel code and device drivers.
- Strong C programming experience and expertise a must.

Go to http://www.intel.com/jobs/jobsearch/index_js.htm?Location=200000090 click "show search", type in the job number listed in this job description listed above then, click on search for jobs.

Feel free to call or send me an email if you have any questions.  Thanks, in advance.

Rob Kemp
Linux Recruiter
Direct Line: (503) 456-1879
Robertx.S.Kemp at Intel.com<mailto:Robertx.S.Kemp at Intel.com>

Q: Which country are you in?
A: Hillsboro, Oregon USA
Q: Will you take international applicants?
A: Yes, we could be open to international applicants
Q: Do folks need pre-existing work visas for your country?
A: Not necessarily.
Q: Is a relocation allowance part of the salary package?
A: Possibly. Would prefer local candidates.
Q: Can we telecommute?
A: Possibly

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