[Jobposts] Contract: ruby on rails

chris chris.madrone at gmail.com
Tue May 4 20:35:58 UTC 2010

Located in Oakland, CA, Babeland (www.babeland.com) is a mission‐driven online sex‐toy retailer using a shopping cart written in Ruby on Rails (years ago by another LinuxChix'r). We use a separate application for our content management system and this contract only applies to our shopping cart.

We have 2 application extension projects: 1) we would like to extend our shopping cart with better user and group accounts granularity, including a customer login system.  and 2) we need to extend the cart to handle digital products. 

We're interested both in your analysis and recommendations for this project. If you are interested in providing this service, please review the RFPs at http://www.babeland.com/about/jobs/contract_opportunities.  

Feel free to ask me any questions for clarification.  I'm the contact person for the RFP at Babeland.

Thanks for your interest.

- Chris Hardy

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