[Jobposts] Java Servlet Developer - UCSD - San Diego, CA

Sarah sarahannalien at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 18:42:23 UTC 2008


The group I work in is looking for another software developer...
mostly in-house Java/JSP/servlet/database type applications, and
scripting batch jobs. It's not entirely Linux specific; however we do
use several flavors of Linux, MacOS, and Solaris in our group, and our
programmers generally get to work on their platform of choice! My
supervisor develops on Ubuntu, and I develop on MacOS and test on
Ubuntu (and Windows) when needed using VMWare Fusion. And we do *like*

Here's the "official" description from the job posting:

Create applications in support of wide variety of administrative
functions including contracts and grants, recharge operations, human
resources (staff and academic), payroll, undergraduate affairs and
graduate affairs. Applications will usually involve multiple users,
SQL databases, both web and batch interfaces, and significant
integration with other administrative applications. Install and
maintain Wiki software and other template based web site maintenance

* Demonstrated experience developing programs using multiple languages
(both compiled and scripting).
* Demonstrated experience with web languages (HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc).
* Demonstrated experience with Java web technologies (JSP, Servlets,
JSTP, Taglibs).
* Good communication skills (verbal and written) including ability to
elicit information from and respond clearly to unsophisticated users
and ability to maintain clear and concise user and technical
* Good interpersonal skills including diplomacy, tact and
assertiveness with faculty, staff and public. Good training skills
including ability to organize information and to communicate to users
with widely varying levels of skills.
* Ability to work independently with a strong ability to prioritize
work and meet deadlines in a high production environment with rapidly
changing work requirements.
* Strong analytical skills, with the ability to think logically.

More information, including how to apply, can be found here:


Please note that I'm *not* the person doing the hiring, so sending me
your resume isn't really necessary; if you're interested, just follow
the application process at the URL and the information will get to the
right people. Likewise, I'll be happy to answer any questions about
the *software* side of our group, but I don't know how to answer
questions about the hiring process... I just work here!

Oh, and one other thing I *do* know is that you probably need to
physically work *here*; to the best of my knowledge we're not looking
for telecommuters at this time.



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