[Jobposts] Systems Administration position - Santa Clara - BOFHs welcome

J.H. warthog9 at eaglescrag.net
Fri May 11 00:23:14 UTC 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

Thought I'd mention that the company I'm currently working for, 3Leaf
Systems (http://www.3leafsystems.com), is in the process of looking for
a new systems administrator (as well as a number of other positions -
the sysadmin one isn't posted yet but,
http://www.3leafsystems.com/current-openings.html )  If your interested
shoot me off an e-mail.

The details that I DO know (I'm just one of the people who has to work
with the sysadmin a lot, not the hiring manager or anything like that so
this is nothing close to a complete list I'm just trying to think of
things they will look for for sure.)

- Linux administration experience, and trouble shooting including dhcp,
nis, desktops, servers, systems deployment, etc.  You would be the one
stop for the primary infrastructure of the company.

- Windows administration experience, familiar with AD, Exchange, and all
those wonderful things.

- Good understanding of complex networking including, vlans, spanning
tree, trunking, failover,etc.

And a whole slew of other things, that I won't even try and venture at.
The person would be in charge of IT and the entire core infrastructure.
We are a new start-up that just came out of stealth mode, and I'll put
my $0.02 in and I love working here, the people are awesome and the
product has a lot going for it.

Anyway, like I said if your interested drop me a line and I'll pass
resumes and such around.

- John 'Warthog9' Hawley

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