[Jobposts] SYSADMIN job posting

Stephanie Mai smai at jaxtr.com
Mon Mar 12 23:27:49 UTC 2007

Jaxtr is a social communications startup in downtown Menlo Park, California,
USA backed by top-tier venture funds and well-known angel investors. We have
received rave reviews in the media, and are in the process of moving from a
private beta to opening the doors of a service that is designed to be useful
for virtually everyone who owns or uses a phone. 

System Administrator

We are seeking a system administrator to join us who has demonstrated
experience with availability, reliability, scalability and exception
management of consumer-facing servers and networks in a high-growth startup

Successful candidates will have: 
. 3-5 years of experience in configuring and managing Linux (FedoraCore or
RedHat ) systems 
. Understanding of fundamental networking/distributed computing environment
. Experience working in a 24x7 production environment supporting
transaction/e-commerce applications 
. Experience in automated monitoring (such as Linux HA heartbeat, Ganglia,
OpenNMS, RRDtool) and management/alert mechanisms 
. Working knowledge of Apache/Tomcat and MySQL 
. Excellent skills in writing scripts in Shell, Perl, Python or other
scripting languages 
. Experience with automation of server builds and deployment using jumpstart
or other technologies 
. Background in databases and storage/backup/restore 
. Understanding of security considerations for consumer Internet sites and
personal data 

Additional qualifications for ideal candidate: 
. Ready to lead site operations department as we add more staff 
. Experience with real-time voice-based services 
. Track record of identifying opportunities to simplify and automate
processes and to standardize configurations 
. Experience with clustering of federated machines for Internet-based
consumer services 
. Experience with replication for InnoDB especially with failover and
conduct recovery verification 
. Until we hire a full-time DBA, handle database setup, configuration,
backup and tuning 
. Until we hire an internal IT manager, support IT needs of employees 

. Setup and manage the monitoring and management infrastructure 
. Provide 24x7 support for production environment 
. Implement automation processes for production deployment 
. Work with the engineers to build redundancy, failover, security and
scalability into the infrastructure 



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