[Jobposts] Ocarina Networks: Software Engineer - contract position in San Jose, CA (95110)

Nicole Norton nnorton at OcarinaNetworks.com
Fri Jun 8 22:04:51 UTC 2007

Ocarina Networks has a contract opportunity for a software engineer to develop a demonstration tool for its storage optimization software. Ocarina is developing an applications-aware storage optimization appliance using cutting-edge performance techniques and some very novel algorithms for data representation, data analysis, and compression.

The purpose of the demonstration tool is to show potential customers the benefit of our storage optimization algorithms.

This tool will be developed to run on Windows 2003, and will be coded in Visual Studio C++ or C#. The potential customer would be able to install the tool, point it at all the files on a pc he or she wishes to optimize, and see immediate results by having the tool compress the files and free up disk space.

This contract engagement requires strong coding skills in C++ or C#, and demonstrated experience in GUI programming using MAPI. This part of the contract is estimated to last two months.

If the contractor also has a strong background with MS Exchange, including development experience with the Exchange SDK or the Sharepoint SDK, an additional four-month project would ensue. This would consist of developing a demonstration tool similar to the first, but oriented toward Exchange.

To apply for this position, email resume to susan at ocarinanetworks.com. Ocarina Networks is an equal opportunity employer and values the individuality.

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