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Derek Venema Derek at bgsource.com
Fri Jul 20 22:33:13 UTC 2007

Linux Kernel Programmer



Ever though that your code would effect 10s of millions of people. Well,
here is your opportunity. At BGA we are creating value add software
based on linux that will ship in nearly every laptop and consumer
desktop. This is your chance to really change the way people use
computers. BGA is growing quickly, here is your opportunity to get in
early and help drive the growth.


BGA Technologies is looking for an engineer who can has experience with
the linux 2.6 kernel. A working knowledge of the linux development
environment in addition to experience in embedded design. This person
will be responsible for modifications to the scheduler and memory
management software. Self-driven problem resolution from investigating
new technical domains to evaluating potential solutions.  Must be
conversant with System software development tools and debuggers.  C
experience required C++ preferred. Hands-on design and implementation.
Experience working with GNU tools and other open source software.
Conduct peer reviews of design, user interface, source code and test
cases Communicates with Product Management, Technical Writers, QA, and
Field Engineers on product specifics Works with engineering manager in
scheduling projects and enforcing good engineering practices.


Required Skills

B.S. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent degree
Over 6 years of experience in writing C and or C++ code Over 3 years of
experience in building complete embedded solutions integrating Linux and
proprietary technologies Hands-on experience in x86 architecture and
virtualization are strong pluses Self-motivated for process,
functionality and quality improvements Strong problem solving skills
Strong team work skills with various function groups and remote teams



We are currently looking for linux kernel engineers with memory
management and scheduler experience. If you have worked in the kernel we
want to talk to you. If you are an application developer for linux who
has experience with GTK we also have the place for you.


Derek Venema

Sr. Associate, Technical Division Manager

Brian Golter & Associates


408-728-1587 cell



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