[Jobposts] Kernel Engineer Openings at VMware

Hirji Delhonte (c) hdelhonte at vmware.com
Fri Jul 6 17:04:44 UTC 2007

As a member of the Virtual Devices team, you will create software that
emulates native devices for all of VMware's products including ESX Server,
Workstation, Player, and ACE. Our focus is on networking and storage, and our
mission is to sustain VMware's lead in best-in-class device emulation through
innovative features, near-native performance, and strategic support of new
classes of devices. 



* Take ownership of devices or device-related features throughout the
software development cycle, including requirements, design, implementation,
quality assurance and release. 

* Drive the platform forward with your understanding of the technology's
capabilities and potential applications. 

* Collaborate with documentation, quality, and support to ensure the
product's completeness. 



* BS in Computer Science and >=1 year of experience; or MS in Computer
Science; or equivalent experience 

* C - strong coding skills 

* Demonstrable design and architecture ability 

* Strong Systems and Kernel development skills 

* Strong O/S Internal Knowledge of one of: Windows, Linux 

* Solid understanding of the IP stack 

* Familiarity with SCSI 

* Proficient in filesystems and/or database implementation 

* Experience in windows & linux network driver development 

* Knowledge of System level APIs 

* Algorithms: Code efficiency & performance 

* Good understanding of PC Architecture 


Desired Skills 

* Crash dump debugging and troubleshooting 

* Multi-threaded design and programming 

* x86 assembly language programming 

* Performance analysis & optimizations skills 

* Familiar with virtualization technology 

* Experience writing device drivers 

* Expertise in Clustering 

* Expertise in VPN technologies


This job is located in our Palo Alto, California headquarters.




Hirji Delhonte

Technical Recruiter




VMware is the world leader in virtualization software that allows you to run
multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same host. It also allows
the user to virtualize their PC or server into multiple PC's or servers with
the same hardware. VMware has 95% market share and no competition to speak of
in the enterprise data center market. We have over 600 openings and have
doubled in both headcount and revenues the last 3 years in a row. We are
projected to hit the $1 billion mark in 2007.


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