[Jobposts] US-CA-SF Sysadmin job (Windows and Linux)

jenny w veganjenny at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 00:45:37 UTC 2007

Hi, everyone!

We have a sysadmin position open and it'd be great to find a
linuxchick for the position. It's a mid-level to sr. kind of position
-- someone who's passed the jr. sysadmin stage of their career but who
hasn't attained guru status yet.

We're a small company of 6 people and we're based in San Francisco,
but the job requires customer visits which are often in other cities
(although some work can be done remotely). Spanish would be a great

We work with lots of orgs., but a big part of our business is working
with non-profits who work on social justice issues. It's more
important for me to find someone with great customer service skills,
who's reliable, and who has common sense than for me to find someone
who has amazing tech. skills.

We manage a mix of Windows and Linux servers. Some responsibilities:

Windows: ActiveDirectory maintenance and design, roaming profiles,
disaster recovery, DNS, DHCP, Ghost, WSUS, BackupExec, Symantec
Antivirus, terminal services, various remote access technologies, etc.

Linux: Web servers, particularly Apache but we also use Lighttpd and
will probably soon use Nginx. Mail servers (we use Zimbra, which is
relatively easy to manage, but knowledge of MTAs, IMAP servers,
anti-spam and anti-virus software would be great). Databases, esp.
MySQL. Backups. Asterisk experience would be great.

Programming: Knowledge of some scripting languages and the ability to
pick up new ones.

Other: It's important to be able to troubleshoot network problems
which may involve routers, switches, and working with telcos and ISPs.
We use NetScreen firewalls a lot. We also support Mac OS X but rarely
at the server level.

Please e-mail me at jenw _at_ colorfulexpressions _dot_ com if you're
interested in this job.



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