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Brent Strawn brent at tripleco.com
Thu Apr 19 14:12:53 UTC 2007

Two Senior Software Engineer/Computer Scientist Positions.  Paying up to


Common: US Citizens only. Active DoD Secret Clearance a plus. 5 years of
practical experience and BS degree minimum. Southern California residents a
plus. Work must be done on premise in Irvine, California. 


Candidates with experiences applicable to both sets of requirements or
(partially) overlapping experiences between the sets of requirements will be
given priority considerations. 


1.	Position 1:        C/C++ Programming. Strong Linux (driver,
applications) experience - Linux Kernel modification experience a plus. Main
requirement is Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive experience (specific ATA-6
experience with Host-protected-area (HPA) knowledge a plus). Tasks include: 

                                I.       Minimizing Linux Kernel and

                             II.       Developing Linux Loader (similar to
LILO, GRUB) to launch Linux and subsequent applications

                           III.       Developing Linux services (similar to
Linux DD, FDISK, OS/Application installation/update) for:

*         Formatting hard drive

*         Copying/Installing to hard drive

*         Piping between an input port (likely USB) directly to hard drive

*         Maintaining directory/file structures

*         Checking Integrity

2.	Position 2:        C/C++ Programming. Linux (driver, applications)
experience. And Windows development environment experience a plus. Tasks

                                I.       Protocol experience (such as

                             II.       Integrity (CRC and/or digital

                           III.       Linux Tasks include:

*         Operating with Kernel/BIOS services for:

*        Communication device (Serial port, USB)

*        Screen (VGA) - Text based OK - Graphical will be a plus

*        Input devices (Key pad, keyboard - both USB based)

*         Developing custom serial protocol (will be discussed after hire)

*         Developing custom handshake (will be discussed after hire)

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