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Colorful Expressions, Inc. is a small woman-owned computer consulting
company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with clients in Southern
California as well as Northern California. We may soon have an office in
Durhman, North Carolina as well. We provide programming and systems and
network administration for our clients, who are a mix of non-profit
organizations and small businesses.

We're currently looking for a technical generalist, with an emphasis in
programming. This job would be great for someone who likes variety!  In
addition to programming, there will be systems administration (sometimes
at client sites), and project management.  We're looking for someone
with either a year or more experience as a programmer, or someone with a
recent CS degree.  Spanish fluency would be a nice plus, as our largest
client is a social justice organization that serves a lot of Spanish

Some things this position will do (some learning on the job is anticipated):

* Writing new programs, either working alone or with other programmers.
This includes writing tests (ideally before other coding!), managing the
Subversion repository, and setting up the testing and development
environment. We mostly work in Ruby on Rails, but we also have some
projects in Python, PHP, and Squeak Smalltalk, and occasionally
interface with something like Java (as in the case of getting Jasper
Reports to work with our Rails projects).

* Adding to, fixing, or otherwise maintaining older programs, or
adapting software packages like WordPress or Plone.

* Working with SQL databases, including MySQL and PostgreSQL.  Should
have some knowledge of SQL queries and relational design.

* Working with reporting programs such as Jasper Reports (based on
Java), Open Reports (based on Jasper), or Crystal Reports.

* Installing, maintaining, and setting up Web servers. This includes
installing and configuring modules, libraries, and other necessary
components, both from source and using package management.

* Systems administration for Linux servers.

* Helping with desktop support and sysadmin for Windows and Mac computers.

* Project management for clients. For example, the social justice
organization mentioned above is about to deploy a large application that
will consolidate a bunch of databases. They'd like someone with
technical skills to coordinate this process, since there would otherwise
be terms and concepts they might not understand.


* At least 1 year of programming experience or a recent degreee in
computer science.

* Experience with Ruby, Python, Smalltalk, or other object-oriented
programming language. Knowledge of OO concepts and design.  Experience
with traditional compiled languages like C.

* Experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

* Familiarity with Linux, including installing on a new computer,
installing new packages, removing old ones, and network configuration.
Familiarity with Mac OS X and Windows would be great, too.

* Ability to provide support to end-users for miscellaneous technical

Would be great to have:

* Experience administering Linux servers (esp. Web and mail) in a
production environment.

* Experience providing desktop support.

* Familiarity with agile concepts and practices, like test-driven

* Spanish language skills would be great!

We'd like to find someone who's local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Our
current office is in San Francisco, but may move to Oakland. We might be
opening a second office in Durham, NC, so we'll also consider applicants
from that area.

More about Colorful Expressions, Inc.:

The name's meant to evoke the strong emotions that sometimes come to the
fore when people have problems with computers. Our motto is: "We're here
for your four letter computing days!". ;-)

We're small but growing! We currently have about 6-7 employees and
independent contractors working for us at any given time, which equate
to about 3.5 full-time people.  We currently make our money exclusively
through consulting, but hope to launch a Web-based service in the next year.

Web site: http://www.colorfulexpressions.com/

Applicants should be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Please e-mail resumes and cover letter to
programmer-job at colorfulexpressions.com or fax to (415) 840-0024.



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