[Jobposts] Need for Software Validation Engineer - Duration 3 to 6 months -Portland, Oregon, USA

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan Venky at sigmacgi.com
Mon Jan 9 19:47:21 EST 2006

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Duration: 3 to 6 months (may go up to 12 months)
Start Date : 1-15-06 (ASAP)
Postion: Contract 

if you are interested in the following position, please send your resume, Rate and contact number to Venky at Sigmacgi.com 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me @ 503-629-9457.

Sigma is one of the IT professional Services from Portland, Oregon. One of our  customer is looking to hire a consultant with the following skill sets. 

      Software validation/development engineer
      Validation of Display Driver in various customer required embedded environments.  Results drive quality of software releases to Intel customers.
      Work as a software engineer developing and enhancing Linux and WinCE test tools to validate display drivers on Intel silicon products for the consumer electronics markets.  Implement new test tools related to new display driver features related to standard definition television, high definition television and computer graphics and work with display driver team to influence new silicon products for the digital television and set-top-box markets and modify the display drivers to work with these new hardware features. Tasks will include test development, test automation, test coverage, debug and bug filtering. Candidate will work closely with SW development engineers.

      7 years technical experience with embedded systems

        1.. A solid understanding of OS internals, including various platform drivers, Background knowledge in Xscale and IA32 Microprocessors architecture 
        2.. Strong background in media technologies, audio, video encoder and decoders. 
        3.. 5 years of strong experience in various flavors of Linux and testing Linux applications with the ability to isolate problem areas 
        4.. Proficiency in developing scripts, developing test harnesses, automated test suites and Knowledge in C/C++/Perl
      5 years of prior software engineer experience in testing multimedia, middleware testing, driver testing and debugging.
      Windows/ WinCE OS knowledge and experience 


      Background in Windows* programming, would be a strong plus

      Keen understanding of the software engineering and Quality assurance process

      Possess good communication skills

      Be self motivated and self - directed

      Qualified in developing test tools for validating various interface in each of the components


Warm Regads,
Sigma Consultants Group, Inc. 
Venky at Sigmacgi.com

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