[Jobposts] linux project

Pat Bottiggi pbottiggi at esaohio.com
Thu May 26 06:57:20 EST 2005

Hello.  I am trying to staff the following project in 
Cleveland, OH.  If you are interested or know of someone 
who is, please contact me immediately.  I look forward to 
hearing from you.  Pat Bottiggi

A contractor is needed to do the following: 

  -- port RedBoot to our target 
  -- port Linux 2.6 to our target 
  -- develop a Linux driver for the backplane interface 
chip on the target 
  -- write a simple application to demo web access to 
backplane data 
  -- demonstrate the above working suitably for further 
research and development work 
  -- document and archive work suitably to enable 
maintenance and further development by our employees 

The target is a single board computer with the following 
  -- Intel IXP465 CPU (an XScale variant of the ARM 
  -- adequate DDR RAM and flash ROM 
  -- 128 meg NAND flash ROM 
  -- Ethernet port 
  -- serial console port 
  -- USB slave port 
  -- JTAG connector 
  -- proprietary backplane interface chip 

Target schematics and access to the designer are 
available. The target is debugged and presently running 
another OS. All information regarding the backplane chip 
is available including the specification, hardware design, 
firmware, driver source from the other OS, and access to 
the developers. The board is similar to the Linksys NLSU2 
  -- it uses the IXP465 CPU 
  -- it has more memory 
  -- the USB chip is replaced by our backplane interface 

The version of Linux used shall be the latest free version 
available for the ARM architecture. 

We expect that the contractor will be experienced in 
porting Linux and developing Linux drivers. Prior 
experience with Linux 2.6 drivers, embedded Linux, ARM 
development, the Intel IXP4xx family, and the OpenEmbedded 
development environment would be beneficial. 

We expect this job to be complete in six months. We will 
provide all necessary development resources, office space, 
and Internet access. Some telecommuting is a possibility. 
We ask that the contractor be onsite at least one week per 

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