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Meghan Quist meghan at lanl.gov
Tue May 11 10:23:53 EST 2004

I was asked to pass this on, we're looking for 2 kernel developers at Los 
Alamos National Laboratory.  No telecommute, The position is in Los Alamos, 
NM. Applicants must have the ability to obtain a Q clearance, which 
normally requires US citizenship.
Learn more about the lab or apply at http://www.lanl.gov.

Job# 207436
Organization:   CCN-7
Date Posted:    4/29/2004
Series/Level:   TSM
Status:         Open
Appointment Type:       Regular
Number of Openings:     2
Employment Type:        UC
Recruiting Scope:       Open to All

Clearance:      Q (Position will be cleared to this level). Applicants 
selected will be subject to a Federal background investigation and must 
meet eligibility requirements for access to classified matter.

Summary: Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has begun an initiative to 
establish an in-house capability to provide operating system programming 
support for the Linux operating system and other open source software 
required to support scientific high-performance computing at unprecedented 
scales (e.g., 100 Teraflops and beyond). Successful candidates with Linux 
programming experience will join other systems teams in developing 
leading-edge systems software that is relevant to the future needs of 
scientific applications at LANL. Applicants are requested to describe in 
their resume specific job experience and knowledge as it directly relates 
to the required skills noted below.
Required Skills: Demonstrated programming experience with the Linux 
operating system in areas such as but not limited to process management 
(e.g., fork, exec, signal handling, threads); memory management (e.g., data 
segments, paging, swapping, virtual address space); I/O subsystems (e.g., 
device drivers, file systems); inter-process communication (e.g., 
semaphores, pipes, sockets); and network communication and protocols. 
Familiarity with a variety of microprocessor architectures and chipsets. 
Demonstrated experience in programming with C, and assembly code. 
Applicants may be asked to provide examples of programs they have written. 
Demonstrated experience in adapting to changing priorities. Effective 
written and oral communication skills. Experience working in a 
team-oriented technical atmosphere. This position requires a Q access 
authorization. Applicants must have the ability to obtain a Q clearance, 
which normally requires US citizenship.
Desired Skills: Proven ability to interact with the Linux kernel community. 
Familiarity with the design and implementation of Clustermatic technologies 
(www.clustermatic.org); Los Alamos Message Passing Interface (la-mpi); or 
Message Passing Interface Chameleon (MPICH) software in a high performance 
computing environment. Familiarity with advanced operating systems concepts 
and networking technologies. Experience with installing and maintaining 
system software (i.e., system administration) for high performance 
computing Linux clusters with 32 nodes or greater. Experience with or 
training in software engineering, quality assurance, regression testing of 
software, configuration or risk management. Active Q clearance.
Education: M.S. in computer science, or equivalent combination of relevant 
education and experience, is required.
Contact: For specific questions about the status of this job, call (505) 
The link to this job is:

Meghan Quist (formerly Wingate), A
ICN Consulting Office
(505)665-4444 option 3

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