[Jobposts] Part time San Francisco or Peninsula

Darius jobs1204 at libida.com
Fri Dec 17 11:20:04 EST 2004

Libida.com, an established adult women's internet site, is looking to fill a part-time junior sysadmin position in San Francisco or on the peninsula to help out in one or more of the following areas. All these skills are helpful, but a strong background in any one of them makes you a candidate:

* Debian linux setup, administration and maintenance, especially mail (postfix or sendmail) and web servers (apache). Experience with FAI also helpful. 

* Administration of heterogenous windows networks (NT, Win2K and XP using an NT domain controller) especially security related aspects.

* PHP or perl coding, especially db-backed ecommerce. 

* Junior level database administration using Postgres or Oracle, especially maintenance.

Other requirements:
* 4-8 hours a week to start
* $10-$20 an hour depending on experience
* Sex-positive attitude (products and website content are sexuality related)

"Fit" with the company is important, and self-motivated is good too.  The right candidate can work in their primary area of interest and receive training in other areas.  Resume in either MSWord or plain text are okay. 

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