[IndiChix] [ann] (A) vote results, (B) move to new server.

Radha radha.nitt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 02:03:57 UTC 2009

> Ketan had told me that all he needs would be SSH public keys from
> Radha and Kadambari. If you both send your public keys to him, he can
> set up connectivity for you.

I don't have a public key, I do not know how to create one right now.
Can any of you tell me how to create it(pointers would do)? Else I
would learn and do it by this weekend! Real busy with work right now!

> + Start work on the main hosting server...[Once its up, tested and
> running I can request the chapters/volunteers-list for a redirect for
> india.lc.org]

> Having done this before, I think we can follow the instructions that
> I'd given earlier on this list.
> Radha, Kadambari: if you face any problems with this step, please let me know.

Sorry which steps are we taking about here? Can you point me to that
mail please?

> > + Work with Sudarsan on the backup server.
> I'd say that Radha, Kadambari and Sudarshan can contact each other,
> and keep the list updated.

Yes! We can start this once main server is up!


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