[IndiChix] Next BLR meet on Feb21 !?

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Sun Feb 8 13:40:15 UTC 2009

CC'd Indichix.

On Sun, Feb 8, 2009 at 1:40 PM, Balaji Narayanan <lists at balajin.net> wrote:
> Ritesh Raj Sarraf said the following on Saturday 07 February 2009 05:32 PM:
>> Thank you to everyone who attended. I liked the concept we used for today's
>> meet and look forward to see it happening with every meet.

Absolutely agree on this :) Meeting over coffee or lunch is great but
i'd like the Lug meet to have a technical focus with live demos and
not just presentations.

> The meet indeed was fun and brought back old memories. We should do this
> more often. however the timing of this meeting sucked. Can we push this
> atleast by a couple of hours?

Noted , does 2-4pm on Saturdays sound good ?

> IMO, And eating and meeting at a place like Koshy's will work better. We
> can look over each other's screen and can do away with the projector.

I prefer to keep foodstuff (especially the liquid kind) away from my
laptop (#include <electronic_items.h>) that are around :) but a change
of venue is always welcome.

Re: venues, I forgot to mention that Sunil (from CIS-India) had
offered us (LCIN) his office on Cunningham road as a venue for local
LC meets. He/CIS was nice enough to offer to sponsor tea/coffee
biscuits etc :). Maybe we could ping him for permission if you folks
are ok with this venue for the next meet on Sat, feb21.  Thoughts?

Agenda :
1. "backups in Linux" demo at the next lug meet - Ritesh.
2. GPG-key signing (yes, we hurried through this yesterday and the
previous meet too :(  If anyone is interested I can walk them through
the process at the next meet.)
3.  [add topic/yourself here]

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