[Courses] [python] Would it be possible to set up a open source course management system?

Laylaa laylaa+linuxchix at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 21:16:13 UTC 2011


I'm using moodle at my school at the moment.
Granted I'm not administering the whole install, but I am administering my
And a lot of it is, um, I learn as I go, when I please.

So if nobody steps up I can *try*.
If someone does, then I can *help*.

Maybe I can even ask my administrators for pointers...


On 20 June 2011 15:27, Akkana Peck <akkana at shallowsky.com> wrote:

> Ivan Avery Frey writes:
>   > Hi Akkana,
> >       would it be possible to set up a open course management system for
> > this course? Something like moodle: http://moodle.org/
> You mean like the Moodle instance we have at
> http://courses.linuxchix.org ? :-)
> We've had Moodle for years, but the problem is that no one knows how
> to administer it or run courses in it.  We will have a copy of the
> Python course archived in Moodle, courtesy of Jacqueline McNally
> (thanks, Jacqueline!)  But anything beyond that, like running
> courses interactively, requires volunteers.
> If you know how to administer Moodle, we could really use that.
> And if you know how to run a course in Moodle, please consider
> running a course in how to do that. I would certainly sign up.
> If you teach potential instructors how to use Moodle, you're
> much more likely to see future courses using it.
> Please join the Volunteers list if you're interested in helping
> or in running a Moodle course.
>        ...Akkana

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