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On 11 June 2011 09:49, Jacqueline McNally <
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> Akkana Peck wrote:
>> Jacinta Richardson writes:
>>> A few people have contacted me off list and asked whether I'll be
>>> covering how
>>> to program.  I haven't given this a lot of thought, but rather than just
>>> replying individually with the same thing I thought I'd summarise my
>>> thoughts
>>> about that here.
>> Are there a lot of people interested in a course in how to program?
>> How about if it was in another language: Python or Javascript?
>> If so, which of those two languages would you prefer?
>> If there's a lot of interest, I could give a few intro lessons on
>> programming basics before Jacinta starts her Perl course in July,
> That would be great for me. I want to tackle Jacinta's Perl course, but I
> have only done very basic programming a loooong time ago. A how to program
> course using Python would suit me best.
> I have just started a Masters in Infectious Diseases (my undergraduate
> degree was Medical Technology). Research appears to be at the molecular
> level (e.g. sequencing), and there are databases and tools available to
> analyse this data. The tools are written in Perl and Python from what I can
> see. I think most of them you can just use, but I can see that there are
> times that being able to 'tweek' may be useful.
> Regards
> Jacqueline
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I would be in for any of both :-) Thanks for doing this, ladies.

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