[Courses] [Spineful Living, lesson 1: Dreams]

b welch bwelch100 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 31 23:11:01 UTC 2007

Carla Schroder wrote:
> What do you want?

Ultimate dream: to write, and to live so far back in
the Cascade Mountains that I can both have an animal
rescue and also help endangered species get a better
foothold on survival, without nearby neighbors
claiming that I'm encouraging animals that
inconvenience them. (That translates to - so I don't
have to shoot neighbors that shoot the animals ;)

When the stress of being the only female sysadmin plus
the most experienced sysadmin at work got to my
health, I left and started an information research
business (if I have to pay for the Masters in Library
and Information Science degree, then it ought to make
some money in return, right?). So I'm trying to build
that up to the point that I can move out in the hills
and start my farm, where I can bring the animals. But
I've no idea how long that's going to take, and am
still living in a city. Blech. 

I volunteer at a local animal rescue, but it does
damage to see the critters kept in cages when they
need to run and actually live. 

Finding the way to do this work is the hard part.
While no one accuses me of lacking a spine
(argumentative sort that I am), the idea of dealing
with banks for mortgages and  the various other
aspects of managing such a farm is daunting. People in
suits who believe in regulations and rules are scary

But one of these days...

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