[Courses] Re: [Spineful Living, lesson 1: Dreams]

Linda Pahdoco linda at meridian-ds.com
Sat Mar 31 11:59:51 UTC 2007

Wow - how nice to hear someone else say this.  I get funny 
looks when I say I just want to work and do my job well. 
 I don't want to own a business.  I don't want to be a 
manager - team leader maybe, which is pretty much what I 
am - but I want to *work*.  Have definite projects I can 
look at and say "Done" with some pride, not just constant 
open ended "improve the company" goals.  Not that I think 
improvement is bad; without it we'd fold; but having a 
concrete finish is something important to me.


> That's one of the frustrations I get with "dreams and 
>ambitions" -- I
> feel guilty because one is *supposed* to be ambitious, 
>one is *supposed*
> to want to "get ahead", to climb the career ladder, to 
>become a CEO (or
> at least get into Management).  Or if one is creative or 
>artistic, one
> is *supposed* to want to sell one's work, one is 
>*supposed* to want to
> become famous.

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