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Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.homelinux.org
Fri Mar 30 21:46:23 UTC 2007

Carla wrote:
>Maybe they are modest, like becoming a beekeeper or having a little
>house with an excellent garden to putter in, or finding mates for all
>the single socks in the world.  Maybe they're grand, like working for
>world peace or traveling in space.  Maybe they're character-related,
>like "I want to be more spiritual and not so obsessed with collecting
>stompy boots."

That's one of the frustrations I get with "dreams and ambitions" -- I
feel guilty because one is *supposed* to be ambitious, one is *supposed*
to want to "get ahead", to climb the career ladder, to become a CEO (or
at least get into Management).  Or if one is creative or artistic, one
is *supposed* to want to sell one's work, one is *supposed* to want to
become famous.

But I don't want any of those things.  I don't want to become famous, I
just want to be appreciated by those who know me.  I don't want to order
people around, I want to help them and mentor them.  I don't want to be
sucked into the game of "he who dies with the most toys wins".

I love programming.  You'd have to chop my hands off to get me to stop
programming, whether I was paid for it or not.  I like my job; I like
the people I work with.  I like being creative (art, craft, and writing)
but I don't want to go through the soul-destroying grind necessary to
get paid for it.

Character-related goals?  Sure, I want to become a better person --
doesn't everyone?  I have chronic health problems, sure I'd like my
health to improve, but I'm not sure that there's anything much I can do
about it...

As for working for world peace... I guess the best I can do is working
for Internet peace in my little corner of the 'net.

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