[Courses] [gimp] Lesson 0: Welcome! Get Familiar with the GIMP

kristi kristi at erdves.lt
Wed Jan 26 03:03:59 EST 2005

Hey all,
I've noticed that some of you are having probs with installation of
GIMP. Even though it won't help you at all, I want to note that there is
a fine windows version of GIMP. You just drop in the GTK+ libs and add
GIMP on top of that (there is a full installation package on the web,
http://www.gimp.org/windows/). The apps are identical.
I have actually successfully adopted it at work. Being a big
international organization, we have to follow general IT regulations in
many fields, which includes the requirement for WinXP workstations. Some
of our designers wished to have Adobe Photoshop, and instead of that,
they've got GIMP now. Works perfectly. Everyone's happy.

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