[Courses] [Perl] Part 1: Getting Started

Fazia Begum Rizvi fazia at faziarizvi.net
Tue Apr 5 08:18:31 EST 2005

Hi Dan,

I've just joined the Linuxchix Courses list, specifically for your class 
on Perl. I'll be following it every week.

Since I joined a bit late, I went to the archive and read the first two 
messages. I've already done my first program. :-)

I also have my first question. Though I'll be doing later programs on a 
linux server, I put together this first one on my Mac (OSX). Everything 
worked except I could not get the program to run by simply typing 
"hello.pl" after insterting the shebang line. (It runs just fine if I type 
"perl hello.pl".

I know that some flavors of perl can be different. Is this the case here? 
Or did I perhaps write something incorrectly?

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
# My very first perl program April 4, 2005 - Fazia
my $who;                        # Declare variable
$who = "world";                 # Assign variable
print "Hello, world!\n";        # Print result

ad astra,

Fazia Begum Rizvi 
Bits and Bytes: http://uweb.txstate.edu/~fr06/weblog/
Weblog: http://www.faziarizvi.net/

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