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I totally have to agree with Laura on this.  I learned Pascal in High School
(1986-87) on a Macintosh, then foolishly I never did any programming
afterwards.  Now I am starting a diploma in programming in college and we
are learning C.  I am finding it so easy it's boring because I remember so
much from Pascal.  I just have to remember that the programme will not
always be this easy.

Good luck with Pascal.


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As for learning C, if you learn pascal, you're on the road to learning C.
they're similar types of languages, just different syntax.

So, as you're learning pascal in class, find a good C book, and try to
out what the syntax would be in C to do the exact same thing.  

programming craps, little programs that "don't do anything" are the easiest 
way to teach beginning programmers one or two constructs at a time.  
Theoretically, what your instructor should be teaching you is the algorithms

and process of writing a program - it doesn't matter what language it's in.

Once you've learned the "how" to program, you can program in any similar 
language (in this case procedural languages like pascal, C, perl)

one note: in C, you have to deal with memory directly, unlike pascal.  so
may be slightly more complicated at first.  


On Tuesday 08 October 2002 10:22 am, Anca M. Holban wrote:
>    Hello, I'm Anca, a 17 years old student in computer science. I'm
> also a beginner in C and yes, i am *frustrated* :)
>    At school they teach as Pascal, but i think that C is a more flexible
> language, a professional one. I'm very interested in learning C, but i
> don`t know where to start and where i should stop. And I think in most
> cases i learn many things that i don't *need* (craps). So this course of C
> may be like a salvation boat for me ;o).
>    I hope to hear news about this course and let's hope that not everyone
> is a guru in C :) There may be beginners (like me) out there.
> 	peace ;)
> > Are there any other "beginning" C programmers on this list, still
> > interested in learning the C programming language?  I still tinker
> > with C, and would be interested in getting a study group together
> > if there is enough interest.  The latest textbook project I've
> > worked on (myself) is from the Deitel&Deitel _C How To Program 2E_
> > textbook.
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