[Courses] [C] Beginner's Lessons: Debugger (gdb) Tutorial

KWMelvin kwmelvin at intrex.net
Thu Nov 7 11:33:12 EST 2002


I recently had a problem that required the use of a debugger.
There is a good gdb tutorial here:


This seems to be written for beginners. I'm going to put a
tarball of this tutorial on my web site so you can grab it
with wget:

$ wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/gdb-tut.tgz

However, I highly recommend that you grab it from the author's
site as his copy will probably be more up-to-date.  The gdb
tutorial is GPL'd. My tarball is 42575 bytes in length and
includes all the sample C programs, a graphic file, and all
the tutorial's HTML pages, 15 files in all.

Beginners: Please download this tutorial and work through it!
We don't get into "Debugging and Optimization" until Lesson 14
in the book, and that is quite a ways off.  I think that being
familiar with this stuff right now will help us learn C better!

Happy Programming!

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