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Bidea Cristian phaser_programmer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 5 23:52:09 EST 2002

I can teach you about dinamic allocation of memory and linked lists but my english is not so good, so all I can do is give sample code with  explanations. And I can answer to questions. If you want me to do this give me a message! 
                                        OK! Bye! Peace :)
 KWMelvin <kwmelvin at intrex.net> wrote:Greetings,

The book: _Practical C Programming 1E_ by Steve Oualline.
This is a summary of what has been covered in the book so far:

K=keyword L=library O=operator M=misc

At this point, we should know the C programming language well enough
to take an Intermediate C "course" where we hopefully will learn how
to do some useful things with C? Maybe someone will be willing to
teach us how to work with tables, trees, lists, sorting, structures, 
memory, hashing, searching, strings, and so forth? 8^D We'll need
a good explanation of the concepts, some interesting examples that
explain the concepts, and some exercises to test if we have grasped
the concepts. Anyone? Start preparing now... we'll be ready to
start before you know it!

Happy Programming!
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