[Courses] [C] Beginner's Lesson 13: File Input/Output

KWMelvin kwmelvin at intrex.net
Sun Dec 8 09:43:44 EST 2002


Lesson 13, File Input/Output, has been uploaded. Morgon Kanter is
the author of Lesson13A which contains answers to the exercises.
Thanks Morgon! 8^D 
Use wget to grab it:
  $ wget http://us.geocities.com/k_w_melvin/C_13.tgz
I have also uploaded Steve Summit's C Notes as:  cnotes.tgz
C-related files on my site are:
  C_1-5.tgz     /
  C_12.tgz    /
  C_13.tgz  <----- C beginner's lessons
  C_6.tgz     \    from _Practical C Programming_
  C_7.tgz       \  by Steve Oualline
  C_8.tgz         \
  c_flow.tgz    <- flow charts of C structures
  cnotes.tgz    <- Steve Summit's C tutorial
  gdb-tut.tgz   <- Peter's gdb tutorial (copyleft)
  simpletr.tgz  <- an early implementation of the Simpletron

Happy Programming!

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