[Courses] Re:[Courses][python]Assignment 2

Annie Downs adowns at stevens-tech.edu
Wed Aug 7 11:29:02 EST 2002

Ok, I'm in   
Jeannette's post got me to realize my laziness. :-) While watching everyone  
post their "hello world" programs I sat back and thought "gee thats not  
complicated, i can do that" (fortunatly?) i deleted all the old mails and when  
i decided to try using python today i Actually had to visit the python site  
catching up from assignment 1:  
My name is Annie, i'm in school for computer engineering but this summer i'm  
interning at an awsome company that provides (designs, impliments, tests,etc)  
secure infrastructure for their clients.  I have no programming experience  
unless you count reading the C++ and Java (1.1??) books without ever trying an  
example. Hopefully that will change with python. 
best to all of you 
Linux: The choice of a GNU generation. 

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