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Jeannette jcv at hise.org
Tue Aug 6 20:13:53 EST 2002

Hey Everyone!
I know I'm a little slow, but checking in so that you know I am caught up.

This was a perfect assignment to make me actually follow some of the links
(just saved that email before; lazy, lazy me!) and make sure that I had
Python installed.

So far, so good! I think I'm gonna like this!


On Thu, 1 Aug 2002, Sue Stones wrote:

> Well let get into this Python, it has taken me a month to getthings off the
> ground.  I am sorry for that , thank-you for your patience.  I hope that your
> enthusiasm hasn't waned.
> You will find all the assignment on the courses web page, and you can send
> your answer from there if that suits you.  The next assignment will be sent
> as soon as most people have answered this one.  So remember if you have
> problems to ask for help.
> sue
> Assignment 2: Getting Started
> Now is time to get python installed if you haven't already.
> you can get the latest version from  http://www.python.org/
> The python Web site.  Read introductory chapters in your chosen
> resource.
> Work out how to start python.  Try entering things
> interactivly.  Get python to say hello to the world.
> Write a hello world program (or aome variation) in a file and
> run that.  Post this file
> with instructins on how to use it to the mailing list.
> If you have another operating system as well, you could try this on
> other systems too. Post any comments that you have about the differences.
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#!/usr/bin/env python
print "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

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