[Announce] CyberDawn Cyberwar Exercises Wants Women's Team - Multiple US Locations

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Tue Nov 17 23:33:39 UTC 2009


My name is Kendra, I'm the admin on http://con-techie.com, an open source
events directory.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Washington D.C. for the DojoCon security
conference, where I met Tim Rosenberg of White Wolf Security. White Wolf
Security runs the CyberDawn and Pack Hunter cyberwar exercises. During the
exercises, government teams, corporate teams and public teams come
together for multiple-day network attack and defense games.

Tim mentioned that his events are not only attended by cyberwar
participants, but also well attended by defense contractors, who use the
events as a hiring platform - members of the best teams are often extended
job offers.

He told me that he's particularly interested in getting more women
involved in a) tech, b) computer security and c) his events. He'd like to
put together either an all-women's team, or get more women involved in the
existing events. This is a great opportunity for hacker chix, so if you're
interested, read on.

Normally, their events are held around the D.C. area, but they're actually
putting together a tour schedule for 2010, with dates across the U.S., and
maybe Asia as well.

Looks like the online regional qualifiers start in January 2010.

The tour schedule is here:

Upcoming dates will also appear on con-techie.com fairly soon.

Contact Tim at White Wolf Security for more information:
tim at whitewolfsecurity.com

All the Best,
Kendra Schaefer

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