[Announce] She's Geeky 4 - Nov. 13-14 in Washington, DC

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Sun Nov 8 02:34:26 UTC 2009

I'm not an organizer, just a participant-to-be who thought it'd be
worth sharing, from the announcement at
http://shesgeeky.org/sg/2009/09/annoucing-shes-geeky-dc-nov-13-14/ :

We are really pleased to announce She’s Geeky DC. It will be Friday
and Saturday November 13 & 14th, 2009 at NCLR, 1126 16th Street, N.W.

Register Here [http://shesgeekydc.eventbrite.com/]

We have an amazing DC based organizing team Andrea Baker, Kety
Esquivel, Allyson Kapin,  Amy Senger,  Shireen Mitchell along with the
She’s Geeky home base organizers – Kaliya Hamlin & Heidi Nobantu Saul

Who is invited?

Are you a woman? Are you a Geek?  This event is for you.  We are
invite women from a diverse array of technological fields and those
doing technology within non-technical fields

    * Nonprofit Technology
    * Open Source
    * Intelligence Community
    * Entrepreneurs
    * Advocacy Campaigning
    * Coders / Programmers
    * Product Managers
    * Users of Tech tools
    * Gadget Enthusiasts
    * Hardware Hackers
    * Engineers
    * Video Geeks
    * Gamers
    * …..what ever you think is geeky

You can bring your daughters! We even created a special ticket price
for them.  Girls as young as 9 years old have attended She’s Geeky
with thier mothers / aunts / mentors.

What is an Unconference?

Beginning at 9 AM each day, we start with a blank wall and, in less
than an hour, with a facilitator guiding the process attendees create
a full day, multi-track conference agenda that is relevant and
inspiring to everyone there.  All are welcome to put forward
presentations or propose conversations.As women register we will be
posting proposed topics on our wiki.

If this is an unconference – why does it cost money?

We operate She’s Geeky as a not for profit event and raise enough
funds to cover the expenses of producing a quality event.  About half
(1/2) the cost of putting it on  is covered by ticket sales and half
(1/2) from sponsors. Our no-show rate is only 10% vis up to 60% for
free camps. We can’t provide food economically and unwastefully if we
don’t create a contract with attendess to attend. Your payment covers
food and a portion of the related venue and event expenses and in
exchange we provide a well organized, adequately staffed, engaging
event at a reasonable price that is considerably less than regular
conferences.  To understand more about this please see our post about
money and unconferences.

About She’s Geeky:

In early 2007 a group of women working in the high-tech sector in the
San Francisco Bay Area recognized a need for a gathering space where
women who self-identify as geeky could meet in person to support,
educate, and share experiences with each other. Although many
organizations already existed for women in different areas of
technology and as well to encourage girls to pursue careers in such
fields, there was no commons area that:

* brought all interested individuals and organizations together;
* supported peer-to-peer learning exchange;
* built connections and established relationships across diverse
communities and disciplines to support women technologists; and
* specifically attended to retaining women in technology fields
through community.

Rather than creating another niche women-in-tech organization, we
decided to work with and promote existing activists and organizations,
inviting them all to meet at an interactive event called an

SPONSORS – see our sponsorship information page to see about different
levels avaliable

    * NCLR – National Council of La Raza has generously donated their
conference space to us for these two days.

Community Sponsors

    * NavStar
    * Sunlight Foundation
    * Debbie Well

Contact and Follow us:

If you have any questions you can contact us at info at shesgeeky.org

You can follow us on twitter @shesgeeky

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