[Announce] GrrlCamp, Oct 21-28, 2006, Cedar Run NJ

Gloria strangest at comcast.net
Wed Jul 19 22:22:31 UTC 2006

Event: GrrlCamp 2006
Date: Oct 21-28, 2006
Location: Cedar Run, NJ
Audience: Female Programmers
Host: Gloria W: strangest at comacst dot net

This is an opportunity for female programmers to plan and execute an 
open source development project from beginning to end.

We start by setting up a dedicated server for the tasks of participant 
communication and status, development environment(s) and webcasting.

We then write the project plan, discuss the finer details, and begin the 
planning phase.
This project will be done in Python, and I will offer online 
help/tutorials for female programmers who are new to Python as part of 
the planning phase.

We then meet for seven consecutive uninterrupted days, in my comfortable 
home, where we talk, breathe and dream nothing but Python, and this 
project. This is a one week programming intensive, where we will crunch 
out as much of the project as possible.

Requirements of the participants: You must be:
A Programmer
A novice at project planning (designed to help female programmers flex 
new muscles).
Ready to hunker down and read/do some Python coding examples from August 
to September.
Willing to try your hand at management, planning, and Linux system admin 
skills which you've never tried before.
Willing to travel to Southern NJ.
Willing to do shift work cooking, cleaning up, food runs, project 
management, source code maintenance, and system administration during 
the week of your stay.
Willing to donate some cash towards food, etc.
Willing to wrap-up the project, and finish loose ends after the gathering.
Willing to document your experience as you go, on various forms of media 
(not sure what this means yet).
Willing to bring a sleeping bag/pillow/your sleeping creature comforts.

Goals of this exercise:
To give female programmers the well-rounded skills and experience 
necessary to start your own projects, or work effectively in small 
start-up companies.
To start and complete a small software project and release it to the 
world under a freeware license.

What I will provide:
Organization of the entire process (with your help, of course).
A large, comfortable house with lots of sleeping and lounging areas, 
three bathrooms, and a large kitchen.
All things necessary to eat, make tea/coffee in bulk, and generally 
function in my home.
A fully ethernet-wired and wireless environment throughout the house.
A dedicated Fedora Core 5 Server, and a Windows test server
A couple of spare laptops.
Pick-up/drop-off from/to Forked River bus stop (where the Port Authority 
NYC bus stops)
Possible pick-up/drop-off from/to certain airports (contact me for details).

Why am I doing this?
I have 20 years of development experience in UNIX environments, in small 
and large companies, government, and consulting projects around the US. 
I have found so few women with my experience and expertise, and I want 
to provide an environment to change this trend.
I also want to empower the less experienced female developer, let her 
stretch her skills and experience, so that she can venture forth and 
start her own projects and do her own planning.

My restrictions:
Because this is in my home, I ultimately determine who comes to the week 
intensive, and who does not. I need to speak with you and feel 
comfortable with you for you to be invited, since this is being held in 
my home. Unregistered people who just show up on the day of the event 
will be turned away.
I have pets, but the house is kept very clean and fur-free. If you have 
very sensitive pet allergies, you may have a problem.

Are you interested and do you meet the criteria? If so, email me, and I 
will send you a link to our wiki.

strangest at comcast dot net

If you intend on registering for this event, please send me the 
following info:
Food allergy info
Pet allergy info
Transportation needs/questions
Your role and involvement in the project as you perceive it
Your willingness to videoconference in and work remotely for one week, 
if you cannot physically make it to NJ during that week.
NYC tours/sightseeing you may want to do after the week has ended (I can 
and will house a limited number of women who want to stay a bit longer 
and hang out in NYC for a bit. Contact me for details).

Thank you, and I hope to see you there.

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